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OPP - Credit for Adventure

OPP - Technical Rescue Courses

PEO 315 - Basics of Technical Rescue - Fall Term

This course introduces technical rescue skills applicable to mountain, rock, and swiftwater rescue environments. The focus is on knots, rope management, rigging, anchor building, technical rescue systems, improvised rescue skills and systems, and extrication techniques including rope litters and carries. Emphasis is placed on self and small party rescue.

PEO 325 - Swiftwater Safety   Spring Term

This course is designed for backcountry travelers interested in learning how to safely negotiate shallow and deep swiftwater streams. Topics include knots, rigging, and rope management techniques; shallow and deep water crossings, and technical crossings including zip lines and pendulums.



PEO 366 - Vertical Rescue Techniques - Winter Term

This course introduces vertical rescue techniques for a lone rescuer. Topics includecare and use of equipment, knots, belay escapes, passing a knot, counterbalance descents and raises, raisingrescues utilizing mechanical advantage and other improvised rescue techniques.

Rescue techniques are practiced in a "ground-school" setting in our indoor rescue training facility prior to practice in the vertical environment during the Saturday/Sunday sessions at our indoor climbing wall.