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OPP - Credit for Adventure

OPP - Snow-Based Courses

PEO 371 - Snow Camping  Winter Term

This two-credit course includes classroom sessions and a three-day snowcamping outingin the Oregon Cascades. Classroom sessions preparestudents for participation in the outing.

Classroom topics include trip planning and preparation, thermoregulation, cold weather clothing and equipment requirements, a review of cold injuries, snow shelter construction techniques, Leave No Trace travel and camping ethics, avalanche safety, and winter navigation and survival techniques.

Snowcamp Topics

Mtn Topics

The outing provides an opportunity to learn and practice safe and responsible winter camping and travel techniques, snow shelter construction and backcountry routefinding techniques. Winter survival techniques will also be addressed, including an opportunity for a solo survival experience if weather conditions allow.

PEO 361- Mountaineering  Spring Term

This course sequence is designed for students with little or no mountaineering experience. Several on-campus sessions focus on mountain safety, rigging, rope work, equipment and route information. The three-day mountaineering outing into the Three Sisters Wilderness Area includes opportunities to develop basic snow climbing skills and practice roped rescue techniques.  Mountaineering is conducted in spring term and requires instructor consent.

PEO 285 Wilderness Survival, PEO 351 Backpacking (or equivalent experience), and PEO 251 Rock Climbing 1 (or equivalent experience) are prerequisites.  Snow camping experience is highly recommended.

PEO 399- Winter Navigation Winter Term

This new addition to the OPP will be added to the 2020 Winter Term schedule.  The focus of this course is to develop winter camping and travel skills, while following an exciting route on snowshoes in the Three Sisters Wilderness area.  Stay tuned for additional details.