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First day attendance is required for participation in OPP courses. NO EXCEPTION!. For additional information about our participation and attendance policies, review our OPP Attendance and Paricipation Policies document.

  • For information about a course's specific term details (e.g.outing dates,classroom locations, notes, etc.), go to the online course schedule.

  • For a general overview of each courses focus, content, fees, prerequisites, etc., go to our COURSE INFORMATION document.

PE Outdoor (PEO) Courses By Term




Spring Su NOTES
PEO 285 - Wilderness Survival   REQUIRED for all backcountry courses
PEO 242 - Bouldering    
PEO 251 - Rock Climbing 1  
PEO 252 - Rock Climbing Fitness  
PEO 331 - Outdoor Rock Climbing     designated a short course
PEO 351 - Backpacking     designated a short course
PEO 353 - Backcountry Cusine       designated a short course
PEO 356 - Backcountry Navigation       designated a short course
PEO 392 - Backcountry Survival       designated a short course
PEO 362 - Mountaineering       designated a short course
PEO 371 - Snow Camping       designated a short course
PEO 315 - Basics of Technical Rescue        
PEO 325 - Swiftwater Safety       designated a short course
PEO 366 - Vertical Rescue Techniques        
PEO 411 - Leadership Dynamics        
PEO 412 - Leading in Nature        
PEO 413 - Field Leadership        

Wilderness First Responder

Are you interested in taking a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course? Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS is the most active local provider. Go to the Wilderness First Responder page to learn more. Note: WFR courses are NOT sponsored by the OPP, and academic credit is NOT available through the UO.

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