PEL 409 - Outdoor Leadership Practicums
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nestled into a survival shelter on the overnight solo experienceOutdoor Pursuits practicum experiences are designed to meet the needs of students working towards completing the Outdoor Pursuits Leadership Training Program.

A practicum experience provides an opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills and experience through involvement in the planning, logistics and field activities of an Outdoor Pursuits Program course.

Please review the following information related to practicum experiences:

  • Students assisting with any course must be enrolled for practicum.
  • Practicum assignments MUST be approved by the course instructor AND Michael or Dan.
  • Enrollment may be for credit, or non-credit (ncs).
  • All assignments are 1-credit transactions.
  • If you are enrolling online for more than one practicum, you need to use a different CRN each time.

Enrolling In A PEL 409 - Practicum Outdoor Experience


  • Practica are listed in the online class schedule under PEL 409 - Leadership.  Credit enrollments are done via Duckweb. There is no registration block on practium courses.
  • Practicum CRN's are also posted to our website.  Go to the PRACTICUM CRN'S BY TERM page.


  • Obtain a "permission to add" form from a Director.
  • Take the form to the main desk area of the Student Recreation Center to enroll. Payment is required at the time of registration, in the form of cash or check. You may also bill your student account.


  • If possible, meet with the course instructor prior to the first class session. If this is not possible, attend the first class to learn about your specific responsibilities, or contact the instructor to find out the date and time of scheduled leader meetings.

  • Course syllabi are available online as pdf downloads. Download these documents from the web site, read them and bring any questions you may have to the course instructor.

Important Information About Participating In A Rock Climbing Practicum

  • Enrollment in a practicum is REQUIRED BEFORE CLIMBING ON THE ROCK WALL IS PERMITTED! This applies not only to roped climbing, but to bouldering as well.

  • Rock wall assistants are required to pass the basic skills test and complete the waiver/information form prior to climbing on the wall during a practicum experience. Assistants who have already completed the skills test and have a waiver form on file do not have to complete another skills test for the practicum.
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