Outdoor Pursuits Leadership Training Program
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The Outdoor Pursuits Leadership Training Program (LTP) is designed to provide training and experience in safe and responsible leadership of outdoor pursuits activities. The Program includes skills courses in a variety of outdoor activities, professional development courses in environmental education, adventure education, outdoor leadership, and field leadership experiences. The Program consists of a minimum of 28 credits, of which a minimum of 26 are upper division credits.

Participation in the Program is exciting and challenging, providing opportunities to enhance skills, experience personal growth, develop leadership abilities, and explore the region's beautiful and diverse outdoor resources. For a thorough description of leadership program requirements, open one of the following pdf documents.

Current Leadership Program Requirements

Completion Checklist

hiking on the OR coast dunes

Practicum Experiences in the Leadership Training Program

Students gain hands-on leadership experience by participating in OPP Practicum courses under the supervision of their course instructors. For detailed information about eligibility requirements and enrolling for a practicum course, go to the Practicum Page.

Go to the Practicum CRN's page for an overview of term by term CRN's.

Job Searches and Letters of Recommendation
If you are seeking employment as an outdoor leader, or would like to request a letter of reference, please read the information on the Job Searches / Letter of Recommendation page.
Assorted Information For Outdoor Leaders In Training
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