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belaying & spotting

belay escape - pdf

belay escape - video

body positioning

crack climbing

floor anchors
forces in leader falls
gear guide
endurance training
handholds & grips
preventing injuries
movement principles
training for climbing


PEO 242 - Bouldering

This course emphasizes climbing movement, bouldering techniques, protocols and safety.
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PEO 251 - Rock Climbing 1

This course focuses on safety skills (e.g. belaying, equipment use, knots) and learning the basics of climbing and rappelling.
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PEO 252 - Rock Climbing Fitness

The focus of this intermediate course is on improving fitness and developing climbing technique. Please read our skill requirements and participation policies before enrolling!
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PEO 331 - Outdoor Rock Climbing

This 2-credit course introduces participants to outdoor rock climbing at Smith Rock State Park, with emphasis on gear placement and anchor building. Introductory rescue techniques (e.g. belay escapes, ascending a fixed rope) are introduced at our indoor rescue facility on campus.
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PEO 341 - Introduction to Lead Climbing

Conducted at the indoor climbing wall, this course covers the basics of leading bolted routes with emphasis on safety, rescue, and anchor management.
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PEO 362 - Mountaineering

Mountaineering is conducted in spring term and requires instructor consent to register. Wilderness Survival is a prerequisite, and Backpacking 1 and Rock Climbing 1 or equivalent experiences are also required.
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