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photo of m. strongMichael Strong- program director and senior instructor 2

From: Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Responsibilities: Michael directs the operations of the Outdoor Pursuits Program, trains outdoor leaders and teaches a variety of outdoor pursuits courses. Michael's main teaching focus is on the gateway course, Wilderness Survival, and professional leadershipl development courses (Leadership Dynamics and Field Leadership). Michael also teaches Backpacking, Backcountry Survival, Backcountry Navigation, and Snow Camping.

Background: For a detailed description of Michael's background, education, professional experience and interests check out his resumé.

E-mail: michael

photo of d. croweDaniel Crowe - senior instructor 1 and rock climbing wall manager

From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Responsibilities: Dan manages the indoor climbing wall in the Student Recreation center and is our technical specialist. He teaches Rock Climbing 1, Rock Climbing Fitness, Outdoor Rock Climbing, as well as our technical rescue courses (Basics of Technical Rescue,Backcountry Rescue Techniques, and Vertical Rescue), Mountaineering, and Avalanche Safety.

Background: Dan has been involved in climbing since the early 1990's, starting in the retail side of the industry before migrating to the competitive side of the sport. He has set routes for the ASCF and coached a successful climbing team competing at a national level. In the mid 1990's he began his career as a professional guide in Central Oregon. Seeing the need for guided trips in Western Oregon, he created his own guiding company, "Boulderdash" based out of Eugene. Dan loves going on adventures around the world with his wife Janiece and two kids in his free time.

E-mail: dan

Chuck Woodward - career non-tenure track faculty

From: Louisville, Kentucky

Responsibilities: Chuck currently teaches our Bouldering courses at the indoor climbing wall, and is the Assistant Manager of this facility.

Background: In the year 1992, Chuck began wandering. In the year 2000, he rambled into Oregon and posted up in Eugene. While attending the University of Oregon, he managed to get a degree in jazz composition despite spending an inordinate amount of time in the backcountry with the Outdoor Pursuits Program. Though an avid boulderer, he has been spotted in a harness. In his dreams, Chuck spends his time touring with his band, climbing, and skiing all over the West Coast. In reality, Chuck is working towards his dreams.

E-mail: chuck


anneAnne Borland - career non-tenure track faculty

From: originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (converted Oregonian since 1986)

Responsibilities: Anne teaches Rock Climbing 1 and Rock Climbing Fitness at our indoor climbing wall, as well as Mountainering and Swiftwater Safety.

Background: Anne works as a graphic designer, experiential educator and outdoor instructor and holds degrees in telecommunications and film, and graphic design. She contracts as an outdoor instructor, ropes course facilitator and freelance artist. In her spare time and spare change Anne loves to wander the globe, although more currently the neighborhood, in search of new and exciting adventures and images.

E-mail: anne

dustinDustin Dawson - career non-tenure track faculty

From: Santa Cruz mountains, California

Responsibilities: Dusting teaches Leading in Nature in Spring Term and Backcountry Cuisine in Fall Term.

Background: Dustin has been a part of the Outdoor Pursuits Program since 1990.  He was in the very first Environmental Education class taught in the OPP program and co-instructed the course with Michael Strong the following year.  Dustin’s primary job is as a middle school science teacher, and his goal in life is to get as many people addicted to learning about science and the outdoors as possible.  If you catch Dustin on the trail, you will likely see a camera glued to his eye as he loves taking up-close pictures of nature’s little miracles, or sitting by his backcountry stove preparing a delicious one-pot meal. Yum!

E-mail: dustin 

Andreas'bioAndreas Rossberg - career non-tenure track faculty

From: A native Oregonian since 1970

Responsibilities: Andreas teaches Rock 1 and Rock Climbing Fitness at the indoor climbing wall.

Background: In 1995, Andreas was introduced to rock climbing during a weekend trip to Smith Rock State Park. For the next seven years, he spent his winters skiing and working as a ski patroller and his summers climbing inthe western US and Canada. Pushing for more difficult grades took a back seat to climbing classic sport and traditional routes as he made his annual solo circuit - starting in the south in April, moving inland in June, and finally northward to Canada before returning to Oregon in September. Andreas lives in Eugene with his wife and can still be found patrolling the slopes of Willamette Pass in the winters and climbing in the summers. In his spare time, he teaches biology at LCC and rigs for concerts and other events around the state.

E-mail: andreas

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